Monday, April 7, 2008

Natures Bounty

I just gathered the daily eggs from the "girls" They did pretty good today as you can see. I have 21 hens and I have 18 eggs today. So that's not to bad(-: I have several Araucana hens that lay green and blue eggs. I also have one White Leghorn that of course lays a white egg. The rest lay brown eggs. I have several customers who buy eggs from me which pays for the girls food. So basically its a free hobby and we have all the fresh eggs we can possibly eat!


Anna said...

This is a beautiful arrangement--so pretty that you lined them up like this to show how well they go together. Thank you for visiting my blog while I was in the moving crazy mode. I appreciate the support. I'm still unpacking but things are getting back to normal.

Lin said...

Hi Cindee,

Just stopped by...enjoyed your blog. I'm in California, too, in the southern end.