Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MuRdEr On ThE WhEelBaRroW ExPrEsS

Rats, Mice, Snakes or just about anything that runs from Jack is history. He hates little varmints. These pictures were taken with a camera phone so they are not to clear but you can see how he does his work. He could make a lot of money in the exterminating business. Yesterday he caught two rats and three mice and a couple snakes. I really don't like him to kill the snakes because they do help in the garden but by the time I see him its to late. He is fast as lightening and he can smell a critter from a great distance away too. Or maybe he hears them. Whatever it is he just goes nuts digging whatever it is out. He never eats what he kills but he does kill it rather fast so it does not suffer.(-: All in a days work for a Rat Terrier!


Lin said...

Sounds like Jack lives up to his breeding! Our neighbor had a Jack Russel mainly for that...we have a lot of "critters" in this area, too. Do you have rattlesnakes? I have a Black Lab and worry about his lack of snake-savy. He's an American Field Lab, so he's fairly fast for a big dog, and he can run down a rabbit...which is a good thing. (Sorry if that offends any bunny-lovers.)

Your Jack is a cutie!

cindee said...

Yes we have a tonnnnnnn of rattlesnakes. I worry about Jack getting bit too. Did you know that the anti-venom shot is like 600-800.00? Its an outrageous amount of money. You can get a dog vaccinated for Rattlesnake bites and they are a series of shots which is cheaper but it is not a for sure thing either. Just gotta hope they don't find a rattlesnake. Although, a couple of years ago I was digging in the wood pile and Jack found a big rattlesnake. He just barked at it and didn't get to close. That could be because I yelled at him to get back. That was a hairy few mins. Most little garden snakes he just grabs and shakes to death in an instant. The rattlesnake was a new thing to him so I guess it kind of scared him. He and my granddog use to go on hunting sprees together though so who knows what they found when they were out and about. Niether one ever got bit.

shirley "EdenMaker" said...

I need to hire Jack for my clients yard. She is afraid to spend time outside because of the misc. varmits!

Anna said...

Bravo for Jack. He's protecting you. He's a handsome guy too.