Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is it over yet?

A big, windy, rainy, storm blew in last night.
Of course there is debris all over the place. I have yet to get it picked up!
Maybe later today when it warms up. I thought this little face said it all.
He looks like he is carefully peeking out to see if everything is still there!
Well the roof shingles aren't. They have been partially gone for a few months, covered by plastic.
Soon we will have a nice new roof. Hopefully sooner rather then later.
I am getting tired of looking at the tarp covering the roof. It is kinda
distracting(-: We really needed the rain though. Things were drying up like a
desert. I noticed big old cracks in the ground when I took the dogs for a walk
the other day. Usually don't see those until the summer. So rain is good(-:


Nancy J. Bond said...

Love the face! I hope the storm didn't do too much damage and that the rain you received will help quench that parched ground.

Lin said...

Cute garden ornament!

No rain here, in Southern California, though we, too, could use some!

Sorry about your roof...had to have ours replaced a few years ago. Expensive project, but nice to have it leak-proof!

cindee said...

I just heard that the roofer will be out to start the work next week!! I am so happy(-: Let the rains come after that!!!(-: