Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bottle Tree in full bloom!

Gemini and Love are the roses blooming near the tree and Artemisia is the silver plant under the tree.


Pam/Digging said...

I love seeing bottle trees. Your tree looks especially pretty with the silver artemesia beneath it.

Lin said...

Pretty! Where did you find the blue bottles? Buy or make the "trunk"? I'd love to have one, too!

Do you know the history? I've read that the bottle-tree's origins can be traced back to Africa. It was believed that bottles suspended in the trees would attract evil spirits when the sun glimmered through the bottles. The evil spirits would then be trapped in the bottles.

cindee said...

I ordered the bottles online. I could never seem to find enough. I had people collecting them for me but it was to slow...lol I did get several from friends though. If you type in a search for 750ml hock style bottles you will get a lot of websites that sell them.
The tree I used to make mine is a peach tree that died. Its still holding on and its been a few years. The top did break off last year (it was bigger)in a wind storm but the rest held up.
I have heard the history on the bottle tree before. Its pretty neat I think(-: thanks for sharing it Lin!!

Anna said...

The cobalt blue looks so pretty playing off the silver of the artemesia. I love coming over to your site. And your header is stunning. I'd love to do a bottle tree in those sages, soft peaches, and oranges that I love.

Anna said...

Cindee--I just looked at your stacked pot containers and they are the best I've ever seen. We have the same style. Thanks for all the tips on where to find more bunnies. I hope people see your containers cause you really do have that extra touch. The shoes, watering cans, and pots in pots is something I look for when seeing things out of the ordinary. Bravo! You are quite the artist!

Becky said...

Did you make that beautiful Bottle Tree?!
I love it!

Brenda Kula said...

Oh, I love bottle trees. Pam at Digging has a lovely one from her blog in Austin. (You should check her yard yesterday!) Cobalt blue is one of my featured colors in the garden. So bright and cheerful and spirited. Love the one you have there. I wonder what the history of bottle trees are? Have to look that one up. You have lovely gardens. And I really like your blog header. So unusual and sweet.