Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wisteria Lane

At least they are real(-: LOL This year the flowers are huge and beautiful. I didn't prune last fall because I wanted a huge display this spring. I was not disapointed at all. I will have to do some major prunning on the vine or it will take over my house...(-: But for now it sure is pretty to look at and smell(-: Enjoy!!!


This Eclectic Life said...

If only this computer would transfer the scent! I love wisteria! I like to make baskets with the vines, too. Sounds like I have spent time in a nuthouse, but I do make baskets...or did before blogging. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

Anna said...

I know about those Wisteria bushes taking over. I have to prune mine about once a week!

I took a look at your pretty totems. I want to make some. You did a great job with them.

Anna said...

Opps---I posted my name under bloomingwriters----but it's me..