Thursday, March 6, 2008

Painting and Wallpaper Border is Up!

Ta Da....(-: I still have a lot to do to finish but at least the painting is done and the wallpaper border is done. I think it turned out pretty cool(-: That's all I have been working on lately. I caught a cold from a co-worker so I am not feel that great at the moment. Grrrrrrr)-: Hopefully, I can get more done over the weekend when I am feeling back to normal. It is suppose to be raining again this weekend so that means more inside time.
Outside things are growing like crazy. I have forsethia blooming and the Star Magnolia is blooming too. I need to get a picture of that for you. Its beautiful(-: I love how it smells too. Unfortunately, I am all stuffed up so I can't enjoy that part right Anyhow...hope you all have a great day and can enjoy the Spring flowers!!!!!

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