Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The loss of a Pet

I felt compelled to write a short blog today about the loss of our dearly loved pets. Last year the day after Easter our beloved dog Boe passed away from cancer. It was a very sad time for us and we still miss him terribly. Although time has passed and I have another dog I love tons I still think of Boe and remember the good old times! We have lost several beloved pets over the years. To many to list in one blog. Seems like they only join us for a short time and then something happens to take them to Heaven. Anyhow, to all of you who have lost pets there is a wonderful website that someone shared with me when Boe died. I remembered it again today when my friend from work told me her cat passed away on Monday. Her family is having a hard time dealing with the loss. They had their "Kitty" for 16 years. Anyhow, I shared the link with her and I hope you will enjoy it as well.
The Rainbow Bridge


Nancy J. Bond said...

Losing a beloved pet is very difficult -- I'm sorry about Boe. The Rainbow Bridge is a lovely site.

Blue Fox said...

I can't even click on your link - every time I read that poem, I bawl my eyes out!

cindee said...

Whoops!!! Sorry I didn't put the link to the Rainbow Bridge correctly. I think its fixed now(-:

ourfriendben said...

Hey Cindee! I'm so sorry about Boe. I lost my beloved first golden retriever, Annie, to bone cancer after a long and bitter fight, so I know your pain firsthand. I'm grateful to have my second, Molly, still with me and in good health after nine years. It's true that our pets are with us such a short time. Maybe that's why they love us *so* much--they have to compress a lifetime of love into just a few short years! Whatever the case, we're very blessed to have them.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Our lives become so full with them when they are with us .. and so empty and painful when they leave.
Yet we have to have these little beings .. they mean so much to us.
I lost two of my beautiful Calicos in less than two years .. it still hurts like crazy.
Sophie cheers us up with her antics .. but there will always be a space for our other darlings.