Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year?

Well it has not started to well. First thing was my daughters wedding. A surprise to us which she sprang on us on Christmas Day. She wanted a New Years Day wedding! Her and her bf had been engaged for a year. I guess they were tired of waiting. Yikes is all I can say about that. Then yesterday, part of the shingles on the roof blew off in a major storm with 80+ mile an hour winds and rain. Water came in and we had a big mess to clean up. We got someone to come and put plastic over the roof until it can be repaired. I won't mention my garden art right now. Another yikes. Then today my DH lost control in the snow and went over an embankment and into a run off creek, front end first in his explorer. Lucky thing it got hung up on some debris so he didn't go all the way in. Not sure if this is the way things are going to go this year or maybe all the bad things are getting done with right off the bat. Either way its a tad much for this old lady...(-:

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This Eclectic Life said...

Oh, girl! Things are supposed to come in threes. Do you count that three or four (with the garden art?). Hope you are not starting on your second round, lol. I feel for you.