Thursday, October 11, 2007

Flippin' for Fall

Well Fall is finally here. I am not sure if I am glad or not because everything is dying. I do enjoy the fall colors though. Last night a rotten critter ate all but two of my gold fish. I am really bummed because I had one of them for years. His name was Goldie. It is a sad day.
The pond the fish live in, is made from an old bathtub. I guess the remaining two fish will at least have each other to keep them company.
Last fall a raccoon ate all the fish except Goldie. That's why I bought some more this past spring. I guess that is the bad part about having a pond. I haven't seen the raccoon around for months so I thought maybe he had moved away. Guess I was wrong on that guess.

So what else is new this fall? Well the top of my bottle tree broke off. That was not good. I did some work on it and now its more of a bottle bush. (-: I will have to take a new picture of the bottle tree. I am new to this blogging thing so I haven't quite figured out how to post pictures and make them appear where I want them to. Guess I will have to work on that...(-:


~~ Melissa said...

Rotten raccoon! I have the same worry right now--I keep seeing evidence that something is fishing at my pond at night... Your bathtub pond is really lovely. Sorry about your fishes.

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! You are the one with the magnificent bottle tree (oh no! not a bush now!). I envy it. I've added you to my blogroll! Thanks for adding me to yours :-)
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