Wednesday, March 7, 2007

bowling balls

The red mirrored bowling ball was made using about 600 red mirrored tiles. It was then grouted with black grout. The stand its on was a recycled item from the salvation army. (-:

This Yellow marble covered bowling ball is covered in about five bags (approx 75 in a bag) of flat marbles glued using the silicone glue. I painted the ball yellow first then glued on the marbles.

The orange marble ball was made using about five bags of the flat marbles. I painted the bowling ball orange first then glued the marbles on using silicone glue.

This is covered with about 600 glass blue mirror tiles.


~~ Melissa said...

Nice balls! (I couldn't resist saying that.) The red one is particularly charming to me.

Rick said...

Recycled bowling balls! I like this idea. The yellow and orange ones caught my eye, as I thought of places in my own garden they could fit.
Please do a photo slide post on your whole process start to finish on how you make these wonderful pieces of garden art!
And thanks for visiting and posting to my weblog as well.

Anonymous said...


love your bowling balls! we plan to do this next week, so it was nice to come across your samples, so I can show our friends a picture, rather than just try to describe them. LOL! I get strange looks when I do that. : )
We bought those same orange "marbles."
What type of paint did you use? I will be asking at the hardware store, but if yours have held up well, I'd rather use what you used.
Thanks for sharing! you have a wonderful blog!
: )

cindee said...

Hi anonymous...(-:
I used regular spray paint in a can. Nothing fancy just the color I liked. It is a super easy project. I use silicone glue to glue the half marbles on and thats it! I have them outside and they have been out there for a couple years and no problems at all. I leave them outside all year round! Good luck making yours!!!

Rick said...

Come on Cindee, give it all up!
Give us a lesson on how you did these! Like, where did you get the recycled balls from? How much is a recycled ball? How do you anchor down, put a rod in one of the finger holes?
Inquiring minds want to know!

cindee said...

Hi Rick...
My brothers name is Rick too...Thought you would find that interesting...Anyhow...The BB's I buy at yard sales or Salvation Army...thrift stores etc. Usually they cost about 1.00 to 3.00. I use GE Silicone glue to glue the marbles or tiles on. If I use marbles I first spray paint the BB a color I choose. Any spray paint will do. Then I just glue the marbles to the BB. Super easy. With the tiles I don't paint the BB. I just glue tiles on and then grout inbetween the tiles. I do leave a finger hole open so I can set the BB on a piece of rebar if I want to. Hopefully that answered your questions(-: