Wednesday, March 7, 2007

bowling balls

The red mirrored bowling ball was made using about 600 red mirrored tiles. It was then grouted with black grout. The stand its on was a recycled item from the salvation army. (-:

This Yellow marble covered bowling ball is covered in about five bags (approx 75 in a bag) of flat marbles glued using the silicone glue. I painted the ball yellow first then glued on the marbles.

The orange marble ball was made using about five bags of the flat marbles. I painted the bowling ball orange first then glued the marbles on using silicone glue.

This is covered with about 600 glass blue mirror tiles.

This is my newest addition to my garden. My brother got this bed frame at the recycling center for me. I planted pansies and alyssum I added spagnum moss to cover the bare areas and hold in moisture. I will be looking forward to seeing it grow(-: